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At Works Precision Arms we believe in the time-tested values of serving our customers with integrity and hospitality, treating your firearm with dignity, and taking pride in our work. We want to improve your shooting experience both on the range and in the field.
We service and repair all makes and types of firearms for the hobby shooter, competitive and professional shooter, primary producers and security industries.

Located on the Gold Coast our gunsmith offers a full range of

custom and general services including but not limited to:


 Clean & Inspections

Servicing & General Maintenance

 Trigger & Action Work (Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun)

Scope Fitting & Bore Sighting

 Rifle Rebarrelling & Accurizing

Barrel Threading & Custom Made Muzzle Brakes

Barrel Bedding & Recoil Pads Fitted

Stocks Altered to Fit 

 NRA & IPSC Custom Pistol Builds

Trigger Lightening & Modifications

Timing Ejectors & Actions

Spare Parts & Accessory Fabrication

Deactivation of Firearms (Certificate Provided)

Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings

Guns & Parts Custom Designed & Fabricated to Suit Your Desire



All jobs are a minimum of 4 weeks turn around

some will take longer.



Some jobs will be done in less time and others will take much longer factoring in chasing spare parts or availability of goods, whether they need to be handmade and sometimes it's

just the nature of the job.


When you bring in your firearm for any reason you will need to have your correct category firearms licence with you & your firearm will be booked into our QLD Weapons Register.


If you are bringing in a family members or friends firearm, then the OWNER'S licence details are also required to book the firearm in and anyone transporting the firearm must have the appropriate category licence with them.






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